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“Up until now, research on the dearth of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) has mostly focused on the pipeline issue: namely, the more women you get into undergraduate classes, the more will come out the other end…Many people still buy into the theory that most women forgo a career in STEM because they can’t, or won’t, juggle home and work. But unlike previous experimental studies done in labs, a recent U.S. survey of 557 female scientists in the workplace—60 of whom were interviewed in depth—confirms the existence of a career pipeline that steadily leaks qualified female candidates.” Zane Schwartz

Lots of great work is being done on getting young girls into STEM. But,

  • Not enough attention is placed on the experience of these young ladies once they get on STEM programs and they suffer from a lack of suitable mentors, beyond their professors. Students are intimidated to use platforms like LinkedIn to find mentors, and many do not find women’s groups such as Women in Engineering substantive enough or tailored to their needs
  • The problems continue once they progress in their careers and find that they plateau and can no longer advance for various reasons. At this level, there is also a lack of quality mentors, and sponsors and more emphasis needs to be placed on finding solutions to, or better understanding the Confidence Gap!

Ladies do Launch is a network and community that is interested in career and personal advancement, and mentorship and sponsorship opportunities.

Participants are either:

  • Ladies in Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Math (STEEAM)
  • Or are people generally interested in this issue

The network provides the opportunity for the following activities:

  • leading  ladies in STEEAM and any technologistas developing interesting projects and ideas are interviewed on a regular basis: to share their insights, predictions for the future and tips for success
  • participants want to be connected to mentors and potential sponsors, attend networking and other events focused on skill development and building confidence . According to Talent Inc, Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 58% of job performance, so this is must have development area for 2018.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then the Ladies do Launch network is for you.

Hit the subscribe button below to indicate your interest for further information and look out for our podcasts with trailblazing women and events  in 2018! The first set of events are in celebration of World Space Week, Oct 4-10, 2018


“Dr.Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty’s ability to connect with youth is outstanding! In addition to her remarkable accolades, she is able to personally build relationships with young students by using language they understand, examples that are relevant to their lives, and by presenting herself as friendly and approachable. From my perspective as a teacher, Dr.Aganaba-Jeanty impressed me with her ability to make highly academic topics meaningful and easy to understand to her teenage audience. Her personality is welcoming and students are immediately drawn to her, making her an inspiring leader. She demonstrates to girls that intelligence, confidence, and a strong voice are positive attributes for one to uphold. She truly is the gold-star example of a role model for our youth.” 
– Anne Masojc, St. Mary’s High School History/Social Science Teacher, Ontario. Canada