Elodie Viau: SES Satellites, France



Elodie Viau is the Senior Manager, Spacecraft Programs Procurement at SES, the world’s leading provider of satellite services.

Listen to her podcast interview here

Elodie joined SES in 2008 and works in SES’s field office in Toulouse to ensure good completion of SES-12 Satellite. She is responsible for the management of all Airbus satellite programs from the contract negotiation up to the satellite launch activities as well as leading  satellite and launcher innovation projects with satellite vendors and key launcher players.

As part of this role, Elodie has been the program manager for SES-10 and SES-14 built by Airbus launched respectively on the first Falcon 9 reusable and Ariane 5.

Prior to his role, she acted as the program manager deputy for Astra 1N-2F-2G- 5B and SES-6.

She joined SES as an intern and got a 360 degrees view of SES though the associate program for leadership development which is composed of four missions within SES entities: Satellited design engineering in Luxembourg, Finance in US, Asset management in Netherlands, Commercial Strategy in Luxembourg. She also supported previously the technical choices from the project implementation and operations phase on Soyuz launcher development in Spaceport in French Guyana.

Born in Angers, France, Elodie earned  a Master of Business Administration from the Open University, a Master of Science from International Space University, a Master of Science in Satellite Telecommunication from Supaero and a Master of Science of Telecommunication from Telecom INT.

Feel free to connect with Elodie at https://www.linkedin.com/in/elodie-viau-1286579/

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