About Me

I’m Timiebi Aganaba-Jeanty, Ph.D.

What’s my favourite quote?

Space is not a void but a canvas for human imagination. The questions of policy and logistics are scaffolding for a much deeper set of questions about who we are and who we want to become as a species. We explore the universe because we are curious—not just about what we’ll find out but also about what that knowledge will do to us, and how we will grow to match our expanding sphere of action and understanding. Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn

Lets break this down!

Imagination: Science and Technology helps us see the world differently because we are constantly looking for discoveries, optimization and innovation. While we can look inwards to find our imagination, its usually through community, other peoples ideas, viewpoints, world views that we can refine our own thinking, see the world in a different way and then develop the muscle that is our imagination, whether you work in science and technology or not! Central to this are the ideas of embracing and not being ashamed to acknowledge our ignorance and  failures.

Who we are and who we want to be: This is about self discovery and self advancement. But, we need to do 3 things:

  1. to set goals, both short term and achievable and long term and stretch
  2. meaningfully work towards achieving them; and
  3. hold ourselves accountable for that development.

It helps to do this as part of a community.

What will knowledge do to us and growth to match our sphere of understanding: How do we use what we know to impact others, our immediate community at home, at work, in society? Knowledge is power, but shared and applied knowledge is even more powerful. It’s used to do something and for impact! All that said, barriers exist beyond our individual control, and many women face challenges in advancement and using the knowledge they have to have the impact they desire. It is clear that we are not engaging fully and maximizing half the population of the world. What can we do about this?

My mission is to share with participants of the Ladies do Launch community not only the power of ideas that change the world, but facilitate the advancement of ideas towards particular outcomes. This will only come about as individuals develop and advance themselves for the better, so as to be able to acquire the resources, materials, means and mechanisms to advance those ideas!

For more about me check out this frank interview, feel free to connect by checking out my LinkedIn profile here and my twitter feed at timiebi89  

I’m a lady that primarily wants to have an impact in the world, but if I have to put myself in a box, then I’m an:

  • international law expert, particularly space law and environmental law,
  • academic and teacher,
  • public policy analyst,
  • technology analyst,
  • communicator,
  • mentor, career and self-development enthusiast.