Dr. Marianne Mader: Royal Ontario Museum/ SteamLabs, Canada


Dr. Marianne Mader is a Creative Thinker, Connector, and Space Scientist.

Listen to her podcast interview here

She’s dedicated her career to sharing her love for science and space exploration through innovative public engagement, participatory education, and planetary science research. Currently, the Managing Director of Earth & Space/Fossils & Evolution at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Marianne leads multidisciplinary initiatives to help people understand the Earth, our solar system and how life evolved over time. As part of her mission to make education accessible and engaging, Dr. Mader co-founded STEAMLabs, a non-profit community makerspace, where people of different ages and abilities come together to learn and create using digital fabrication, coding, and more.

A leader in the space industry with over 13 years of research and field experience, Dr. Mader has studied some of the oldest rocks on Earth in Greenland, explored impact craters across the globe, and collected meteorites in Antarctica. She has collaborated with Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, the Canadian Space Agency, NASA, and MDA to plan and execute simulated lunar and planetary exploration missions, as well as developing insights into planetary impact cratering processes. Dr. Mader is a Visiting Lecturer at the International Space University and Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto. Her education includes a PhD in Planetary Science, MSc in Space Studies, and an MSc in Earth Sciences.

Connect with Marianne at https://twitter.com/MarianneMader


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